Nutrition and Weight Education Program

by Millie Shedorick, MS, RD

“The On-a-Diet, Off-a-Diet Syndrome” – Changing Emotions

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Millie Shedorick, MS, RD. has been a clinical nutritionist for over twenty-five years, helping people to modify behaviors to lose weight and meet nutritional needs for optimal health. Millie Shedorick is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Home Economist with many years of experience as a Director of Nutrition and Food Service, writing policies, menus and recipes.



“As a Nutritionist, I see the benefits of my intervention on preventing obesity and the complications from diabetes and many other diseases.

There are many preventable diseases caused by what we eat and sedentary lifestyle. I find that adults, let alone children, do not really understand food and are confused by the abundance of food, conflicting information and millions of “diets”.
It’s often about the negative emotion of “dieting”, along with the lack of simple, useable Nutrition and Weight Education. I realized I needed to teach this information on a larger scale so I prepared this educational program about food , nutrition and weight education.
I know you will love the simple, clear points made and the even easier ways to make simple changes. My purpose is to change thoughts through Nutrition and Weight Education, which will greatly impact the health of our entire nation.” – Millie Shedorick, M.S., R.D.


This is your life…It’s all about YOU…
You do not need to be thin to be happy,
but you do need to be healthy.
Why not be both?

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